ZuluTrade’s acquired 100,000th trader! Social & Copy Trading Service Provider!

March 20, 2017

ZuluTrade is growing! Over 100,000 traders are using their service now!

ZuluTrade’s acquired 100,000th trader! Social & Copy Trading Service Provider!

Over 100.000 Τraders worldwide TRUST ZuluTrade’s cutting-edge technology.
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ZuluTrade, the leading FX Copy & Social Trading Platform Provider, is happy to announce that the company has acquired over 100000 traders!

ZuluTrade isn’t a FX Broker, but it is as an “Introducing Broker” with innovative “Social & Copy Trading Platform”, proving to be one of the largest Automated Trading Platform Provider.

This time ZuluTrade has reported 4 great numbers they have achieved”

Traders from over 192 countries

1 trillion of transactions

40 partnered brokers

100,000 traders registered

The company has created many millionaires by offering the innovative trading solution.

There are many reasons Why investors choose ZuluTrade.

Why ZuluTrade?

There are many reasons why investors choose ZuluTrade though, let us point out 3 of the most great advantages of the service here!

It’s Free!

ZuluTrade’s Copy Trading Service is absolutely Free!

Signup and start copying trades of professional traders without any charges!

It’s Profitable!

Now ZuluTrade has many “Signal Providers” registered with them.

And there are also many Signal Providers with great profits!

All you need to do is

It’s Easy!

ZuluTrade has made the system very easy for any types of investors.

Login to your ZuluTrade account, and you will see how simple it is to “copy profitable trades” through the system.

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