You Might Soon Receive Packages to Your Truck

July 26, 2016

Assuming You Have a Smart Car That Is.

You Might Soon Receive Packages to Your Truck

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If you happen to own the Daimler AG’s Smart model, there’s a chance you might soon be able to receive DHL packages directly to your trunk.

Deutsche Post and Daimler are cooperating in an interesting test where owners of Daimler’s Smart cars can ask to receive DHL packages directly to the trunks of their parked vehicles – no, not yet, starting in September, and only if they live in Stuttgart.

In the following months though, the plan is to make this service available in a total of seven cities, including Berlin. The project is called ‘Smart Ready to Drop’ and we can only assume that it sounds better in German.

If you’re eager to take part in this project, kindly note that your car will also need to include connectivity box detectors, but these are expected to become standard equipment as of September. Customers will approve the delivery details via mobile. The DHL curriers will use a code to open the vehicle – only once and only during a specified timeframe, and they could both deliver items and pick up returned items.

Daimler said it’s targeting several hundred customers in every city. A similar attempt was made last year involving Amazon, DHL and Volkswagen AG’s Audi luxury-car division.

Thanks to e-commerce, parcel volume is going nowhere but up and DHL forecast suggests an up to 7% annual growth in this field by 2020. It’s no wonder the companies are looking for creative ways (Amazon drones, anyone?) to answer the expanding demand. Will they succeed? We’ll have to wait and see.

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Original Source: iForex Blog

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