You can now trade Stocks of Tesla Motors Inc, TSLA with IFC Markets

April 27, 2016

Tesla Motors Inc stocks are available with IFC Markets in a form of CFD.

You can now trade Stocks of Tesla Motors Inc, TSLA with IFC Markets

IFC Markets offers one of the largest number of CFD instruments through its advanced trading platform, MT4 and NetTradeX.

Now we are happy to announce that you can trade Stocks of Tesla Motors Inc with IFC Markets.

The price feed comes from the US Exchange Market, NASDAQ.

Why trade Stock CFDs but not real stocks

If you are looking to trade stocks as your investment method, you may find the Stock CFDs with better conditions.

It is because you can trade:

  • with lower costs
  • on the web
  • with small margins

Only thing you will not have is just the ownership and vote right as a share holder.

But it is true that you can trade Stocks more efficiently in a form of a CFD.

How to start trading stock CFDs

With IFC Markets, you just need to open one trading account and then you are able to access to more than 500 of CFD instruments through the account.

The registration process including, account opening, deposit/withdrawal and trades are all done on the web.

So you do not need any physical documents or other extra contracts to trade stocks with IFC Markets.


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