Yadix 20% Cash Back Bonus Promotion -Scalper Account-

Yadix's Scalper account with 0.0 pip spread! Now comes with 20% Cash Back Bonus Promotion!

Yadix 20% Cash Back Bonus Promotion -Scalper Account-

Promotion Details

Available toBoth New & Existing Clients
Offer20% Cash Back
How to getSignup & Trade
WithdrawalAvailable at anytime

Now Yadix’s Scalper account is even more reasonable!
Get the 20% commissions back for every trade you make!

How to get 20% Commission Back

1. Signup for Yadix for Free

You need to open the “Scalper Account” type for this promotion.
☆Verification of your account is also required.

2. Deposit

The required minimum deposit amount is $2000.
Transfer your funds with any methods you like.

3. Trade

Start trading in the Scalper Account with 0.0 pip spread!
You need to at least trade 10 standard lots every month.
☆Zero profit positions will be excluded from the calculation.

4. Request for Cash Back

Send a request to Yadix support before the 5th of each calendar month. (otherwise you cannot receive the cash back)
☆The Cash Back amount is unlimited.

Withdrawal Conditions

This promotion won’t add any requirements to any types of fund withdrawals.
You can withdraw your Funds, Profits and the Bonus amount at anytime you want.

Other Terms and Conditions

  • The promotion is available only for Scalper trading account type.
  • There is no maximum limitation to the amount of commission back.
  • There is no conditions for withdrawals of your funds, profits or the bonus amount.
  • Zero profit positions won’t be included in the calculation of trading lots through the promotion.

Yadix Bonus Promotion “Terms and Conditions”

For more information or inquiries, please contact Yadix support team.

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