XTrade with the Largest number of CFD products on the table

December 27, 2016

Feel the excitement of trading with XTrade.


We no longer promote XFR Financial Limited. The information on the website related to this brokerage firm may be outdated.

XTrade with the Largest number of CFD products on the table

Some people enjoy a roller-coaster and others are crazy about skydiving.

Another way to feel that adrenaline flowing in your veins is Xtrade.

Online trading can get very exciting if you ask us.

Try it here yourself!

*your capital is at risk

XTrade offers the largest number of CFD products through its own online trading platform.

The CFD products range from Stocks, Equity Index, Commodities, Metals and also Energies.

But why traders choose to trade such financial products in a form of CFD?

Why CFD products are better than the original ones

CFD(Contract for Difference) is a Derivative product, as in there is always an original financial product physically(or online) traded for a CFD product.

For example, the actual stock trading of Google Inc. and the trading of the same stock in a form of CFD is totally a different thing. But how and why?

It is because CFD is a relatively new and created product by each brokerage firm, and there are following advantages of trading CFDs rather than the actual financial products.

  1. CFD is low cost. Because you can save many extra commissions that incurs when trading physical product.
  2. CFD is leveraged. So you can even start trading with a few dozens of dollars.
  3. One Account for all Products. You can trade FX, Stocks, Index, Commodities, Energies and etc by just signing up once with XTrade in one trading account.

If you know other investment conditions, then you may find the conditions of Xtrade’s CFD products as very luxurious.

Find out more of XTrade in their official website!

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