XM’s Real-Time Forex Spread “Mega Broker with over 750,000 accounts opened”

November 28, 2016

XM Zero account from Real 0.0 pip spread! See the trading condition of this European Mega FX Broker.

XM’s Real-Time Forex Spread “Mega Broker with over 750,000 accounts opened”

XM is one of the largest Forex broker based in Europe, with over 750,000 trading account opened in only 6 years.

If you are a Forex trader, then you must have heard of the name many times, as the broker is a very popular choice for retail traders.

There are mainly 3 reasons why XM has been chosen by many traders:

  1. Educated Support teams and No troubles reported over the years
  2. Gorgeous Bonus Promotions – No Deposit Bonus, Deposit Bonus, Cash-Back and Loyalty Program
  3. High Leverage up to 1:888

XM strives to offer raw-spread from 0.0 pip though XM Zero account. XM Zero account is available from only $200 of minimum deposit.

Real-Time Spread of XM Zero Forex account

There are many Forex brokers which promote their service with classic “0.0 pip no commission” advertisement though, majority of these statements are not really true.

But how about XM? We have opened the Live XM Zero account and captured the actual spread below.


Forex Spread of XM Zero Account

As you can see, XM does offer raw-spread from 0.0 pip, and it is almost the average spread for USDJPY pair.

Raw-spread from 0.0 pip is actually offered by only a handful of Forex brokers in the world, and XM is one of them.

The spread 0.0 isn’t some fake numbers, but it is possible as XM combines several pricings offered by their liquidity providers.

XM’s excellent selection  of liquidity providers make that possible.

XM has got all the reasons why it should be chosen by traders. Find out more of the broker from the below page.


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