XM’s Free Forex Educational Seminar in many countries in Asia & Europe!

February 18, 2017

Join XM "Big Fair Human" Broker in Europe!

XM’s Free Forex Educational Seminar in many countries in Asia & Europe!

XM has already held over Hundreds of Forex seminars at your local towns and also on the web.

The broker is helping out beginner traders and giving them the opportunity to meet the broker in person.

This week, XM has just held local Educational Seminars in Kuala Kumpur, Malaysia and Athens, Europe.

Participants have been guided by XM’s experts, gained more knowledge through the seminars.

Would you like to know how many Seminars will be held in the next 2 month? XM is planning to hold over 20!

Check out the Schedule and the list below.

Bangkok, Thailand – 19 February
Tangier, Morocco – 22 February
Casablanca, Morocco – 25 February
Taichung, China – 25 February
Penang, Malaysia – 25 February
Casablanca, Morocco – 26 February
Shenzhen, China – 11 March
Johor Bahru, Malaysia – 18 March
Khon Kaen, Thailand – 18 March
Karachi, Pakistan – 25 March
Lahore, Pakistan – 1 April
Phitsanulok, Thailand – 8 April
Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 8 April
Dhaka, Bangladesh – 8 April
Chittagong, Bangladesh – 15 April
Chonburi, Thailand – 22 April
Sabah, Malaysia – 22 April
Miri, Malaysia – 14 May
…..and more in the future.

All seminars are Free to join, as long as you have a live accounts with XM.

Is XM visiting your local cities? Join now and Meet the “Big Fair Human” broker!

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