XM’s been recognized as the Forex broker with “Best Trading Support”!

July 3, 2017

CFI Magazine Votes XM as “Best Trading Support”.

XM’s been recognized as the Forex broker with “Best Trading Support”!

XM is happy to announced that the broker has been awarded with the “Best Trading Support” for 2017 by the CFI.co (Capital Finance International) Magazine awards.

XM currently offers 24/5 customer support service in over 30 languages.

The industry award certainly recognizes one of the advantages of XM today!

Why XM’s support is the “Best”?

There are hundreds of online FX brokers in the world, but XM’s support quality is much superior than others.

  1. Prompt response
  2. Answers your inquiries precisely
  3. Educated support staffs

Many online FX brokers wouldn’t have the above 3 basics to offer for investors, but XM does.

“I would like to congratulate our Customer Support Department on their good work. This accolade makes all the people here at XM proud, but it especially makes our customer service and support department very proud, as they are the department that is on the front line assisting clients in so many languages and in such a professional manner. It is definitely not an easy job. Personally, I would like to say congratulations to our people and also thank the CFI.co Magazine for recognizing our good work.”

The representative from XM, Marketing Director of the XM Group commented.

Find out more about XM’s service today!

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