XM visiting Morocco to hold “Forex Seminar” in Arabic this February

January 5, 2017

FX Learning Seminar in Morocco, in Arabic. Join now for Free!

XM visiting Morocco to hold “Forex Seminar” in Arabic this February

XM is glad to inform that the broker is planning to hole an “Educational” Forex seminar in Morocco.

There will be 2 seminars this February, and these seminars will be led by XM’s Senior Market Strategist Habib Akiki

The seminars entitled Avramis Swing Trading will be presented on the premises of Hilton Garden Inn, Tangier, on 22nd February and at Mövenpick Hotel, Casablanca, on 25th February.

By participating the seminars, you can earn following knowledge.

  • The market trending
  • How to generate entry / exit signals
  • The importance of technical analysis in swing trading
  • The major factors that move the markets
  • How to set stop-loss and take-profit orders

The seminars are Free to join! If you will be in Morocco on the days, you may wanna just join them and learn “Investment” with XM.

The date and time will be different by each seminar. Please refer to the following information.

In Tangier, Morocco.

Date & Time – 22 February, 17:00 – 21:00
Venue – Tangier Hilton Garden Inn
Venue Address – Place du Maghreb Arab Tanger Ville, Tangier, 90000, Morocco
The Instructor – Habib Akiki
Seminar Language – Arabic

In Casablanca, Morocco.

Date & Time – 25 February, 15:00 – 19:00
Venue – Casablanca Mövenpick Hotel
Venue Address – Avenue Hassan II, Casablanca 20250, Morocco
The Instructor – Habib Akiki
Seminar Language – Arabic

*It is necessarily to have a live trading account with XM, in order to join the seminars. If you haven’t registered with XM yet, please proceed to register from here.

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