XM sponsors Usain Bolt – What is the #thegreatest all about?

June 29, 2017

Coming Soon - #thegreatest,

XM sponsors Usain Bolt – What is the #thegreatest all about?

This article is originally referred from XM News

“Besides travelling to over 50 cities from the beginning of 2017, and working relentlessly to make sure XM remains ahead on all fronts, somewhere in between we have been working on something really, really, really special for the past few months.

This special task required the help of the fastest man in the world (we guess you know who we are talking about right?).

So far 425 hours of filming and editing have taken place with 322 different people involved in 134 different film scenes.

We sort of think we are pretty close to getting the final thing ready!

Since we brought it up today, we think that you deserve to have a look behind the scenes. To see behind the scenes click here.”

Original Source: XM News

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