XM MT4 and MT5 Trading Hours on Chinese New Year and US President’s Day

February 13, 2018

Temporarily changed market hours for Chinese New Year and US President's Day.

XM MT4 and MT5 Trading Hours on Chinese New Year and US President’s Day

Please note the temporary change of trading schedule for Chinese New Year and President’s Day.

  1. Chinese New Year in February 15th and 16th
  2. US President’s Day in February 19th

Please refer to the following tables for the details of changes.

Chinese New Year

Affected Instruments February 15th, Thursday February 16th, Friday
HK50Cash Early Closing 05:55 Closed

US President’s Day

Affected Instruments February 19th, Monday
SBEANmar18 Closed
CORNmar18 Closed
WHEATmar18 Closed
COTTOmar18 Closed
SUGARmar18 Closed
COFFEmay18 Closed
COCOAmay18 Closed
HGCOPmar18 Early Closing 19:55
OILapr18 Early Closing 19:55
OILMnapr18 Early Closing 19:55
NGASmar18 Early Closing 19:55
GER30mar18 Early Closing 22:55
GER30Cash Early Closing 22:55
HK50Cash Closed
JP225mar18 Early Closing 19:55
JP225Cash Early Closing 19:55
UK100mar18 Early Closing 22:55
UK100Cash Early Closing 22:55
USDXmar18 Early Closing 19:55
US30mar18 Early Closing 19:55
US30Cash Early Closing 19:55
US100mar18 Early Closing 19:55
US100Cash Early Closing 19:55
US500mar18 Early Closing 19:55
US500Cash Early Closing 19:55
Gold Early Closing 19:55
Silver Early Closing 19:55
PALLmar18 Early Closing 19:55
PLATapr18 Early Closing 19:55
US Stocks Closed
Note that all times displayed are GMT +2.

All markets hours above will be back to normal from the next day onward.

For more information about the temporary changes above, please contact XM support team.

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