Withdrawable 1000 USD ! IronFX Forex Demo Trading Contest !

The award is a real cash money $1000 to your Forex trading account. It is even available for withdrawal.


"Withdrawable 1000 USD ! IronFX Forex Demo Trading Contest !" has ended. You may find the list of current Promotions of IronFX UK in its dedicated introduction page. Find Out More

Withdrawable 1000 USD ! IronFX Forex Demo Trading Contest !

Promotion Details

Dates01/06 - 30/06 in 2016
Available toOnly New Clients of IronFX
to ParticipateSignup and open MT4 Demo account
Prizes1,000 USD to the Top Trader
How to getBecome the Top trader
WithdrawalCash Prize is Withdrawable by Trading Required Lots

It is often that you cannot withdraw bonus amount or contest prizes, which you have earned.

But this is different from others.

You can now trade with “IronFX UK” MT4 Demo Trading Account, and earn two prizes!

1000 USD Real Cash money into your trading account

Forex Educational Videos & eBook

How to join the Contest

1, Go to the IronFX Official Website

2, Sign up from the specified page

ironfx uk demo trading contest sign up

3, Start trading from the account opened for the Demo Contest

Terms and Conditions

You need to be older than 18 years old to participate in this contest

You are required to use full correct personal information, otherwise you will not be qualified to participate nor receive contest awards later on

This contest is available for only new clients of IronFX Global and IronFX UK, as in existing clients and employees of IronFX are not allowed to participate

Any person who have already won any kinds of awards in a contest run by IronFX is not eligible for the contest

Once you register your accounts for the contest, you will be provided with a Demo MT4 trading account with 100,000 USD virtual money in it

If IronFX finds that the same IP address has registered for several MT4 demo trading accounts for the contest, all the indicated accounts will be disqualified from the contest

During the contest period, you are not allowed to use any EAs(Expert Advisers) not any other additional plugins to trade on the accounts

The contest starts from 1st of June and ends on 30th of June in 2016 (both inclusive)

The contest cash prizes are not available for withdrawals immediately, but you will need to make at least one deposit and trade 25 round turn lots to withdraw

If you are selected as a winner, you are required to verify your personal details with documents

The winners of the trading contests will be announced on the official website of IronFX after 30 days from the end of the contest period

The winners of the contests are selected according to the calculations below:

  • 1st Priority is “Percentage in Profit”

The formula is: Percentage of Profit = (Total Net Profit / Initial Deposit, 100,000 USD) * 100

  • 2nd Priority is “Percentage of Relative Breakdown”

The formula is: Percentage of Relative Breakdown = the difference between highest (H1) and the lowes (L1) peak of the day as a percentage = 〔(H1 – L1) / H1〕 * 100

  • 3rd Priority is “Profit Factor”

Profit Factor = Gross Profit / Gross Loss

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