With HotForex “Earn 50,000 USD to your equity” & ”Withdrawable 8,000 USD”

October 10, 2016

Leverage 1:1,000, 100% Deposit Bonus an Cash Back. Maximize your Profit with HotForex!

With HotForex “Earn 50,000 USD to your equity” & ”Withdrawable 8,000 USD”

HotForex, an online Forex & CFD Broker offers the ultimately gorgeous FX Bonus Promotion.

You may have already heard of some Deposit Bonus Promotions giving away a few thousands of dollars. Forex world is very lucrative and Forex brokers are able to offer such bonuses.

But the Mega-Forex broker, HotForex is different.

HotForex offers 100% Deposit Bonus up to 50,000 USD

By depositing 50,000 USD, you will have 100,000 USD in your trading account. The bonus amount can be used to leverage your trading with HotForex.

But please note that the bonus amount is not available for withdrawal and cannot be lost by trading. You may maximize your trading opportunity with HotForex, but you are also recommended to take necessarily risk management actions accordingly.

100% Deposit Bonus comes with “Cash Back”

HotForex’s bonus isn’t just that.

The broker is also offering 0.2 pips cash back for all traders joining the above promotion.

After receiving 50,000 USD, you can earn cash back on your each qualified trade with HotForex.

For your information, 0.2 pips worth about 2 dollars per 1 lot trading.

The cash back amount is fully withdrawable at anytime.

To summarize the bonuses of the promotion, you can earn:

100% Deposit Bonus up to 50,000 USD and 2 USD/lot Cash Back up to 8,000 USD

*Only Cash Back Amount is withdrawable.

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