Windows 10 Creators Update might clear MT4 Password history

April 11, 2017

Important notice regarding to MetaTrader account passwords.

Windows 10 Creators Update might clear MT4 Password history

Please note that, if you are using Windows, the Windows 10 Creators Update release and required installation will affect your MetaTrader platform as all MT4 account passwords stored on your computer will become invalid.

We recommend you to save your passwords in a safe place before updating the operating system, in order to be able to access the MetaTrader platform after the update.

All you need to do after the update is retype the passwords.

Updating your OS to new ones shouldn’t affect the operation of MetaTrader4 trading platform, as long as your PC’s spec meets the least requirement to run the platform.

In case you have forgotten the password to login to your HotForex MT4, please reset it through the client portal.

You can access to the client portal from the official website of HotForex.

HotForex Official Website

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