Why not trade with Mega FX Brokers? Big, Stable & Experienced Companies!

April 4, 2017

Here are the 5 Mega FX Brokers!

Why not trade with Mega FX Brokers? Big, Stable & Experienced Companies!

The number of clients & the business scale vary quite widely among hundreds of online FX brokers.

Some brokers have less than a few hundreds of traders, but some have over 1 million of active traders over the years.

In fact, majority of retail online FX brokers would be categorized as small, on the other hand, there are only a handful of FX brokers which can be categorized as huge or Mega brokers.

Of course, traders wish to trade with even bigger sized FX brokers because they are:

  1. Stable
  2. Experienced
  3. Trustworthy

comparing to other minor brokers.

But which brokers are the “Mega Brokers” in this case?

Let us introduce 5 Mega Brokers of the world here for you.


FX broker in Belize with over 3 million traders registered for the service.

FBS offers over 10 different Bonuses and that attract many traders.

No troubles with fund withdrawals and their customer supports are very educated and friendly.

FBS Service Details


FXPro with the Mega broker in Europe, with over 530,000 live accounts opened.

The broker comes with professional services in any aspects.

Their service quality is just great. FXPro is known as the most trusted and stable broker in the world.

FXPro Service Details


XM is officially the Largest MT4 broker in the world.

The broker has acquired over 1 million traders in 7 years. It’s competitive trading condition make traders stay with XM.

XM is growing very rapidly these years.

XM Service Details


Another Mega broker in Europe, HotForex has acquired over 300,000 live accounts in 7 years.

HotForex’s service is a bit similar to XM, and also very competitive.

HotForex’s honest and professional style of business attract many traders continuously.

HotForex Service Details


IronFX with 1 million traders in Cyprus and UK.

The broker had been involved with a trouble with Chinese arbitrage traders a few years ago though, its trading conditions which attracted over 1 million traders still have surely potential to become a Mega broker of the world.

When it comes to executions, bonuses and trading conditions all together, IronFX beats majority of FX brokers.

IronFX Service Details

All of the above 5 FX brokers are huge and recommended for you to look into at least once!

Review them all and start investing smartly!

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