Which Country trade Forex the most? The Top 3 Countries are in Asia!

April 12, 2017

Which Country is the Largest in terms of Forex trading?

Which Country trade Forex the most? The Top 3 Countries are in Asia!

Forex Fact of the day!
In April 2016, sales desks in those five countries intermediated 77% of all foreign exchange trading.
The share of Forex trading taking place in the US was unchanged relative to the previous survey, but the three Asian financial centers increased their combined share of intermediation to 21%.

US and UK has been the major Forex markets for a long time.

Japan has its domestic FX brokers dominating the market, and its scale is quite large as always. There are many “Mrs Watanabe” investing in FX these years.

Hong Kong and Singapore are growing rapidly these years. As these countries grow, trading servers and base of FX brokers are shifting to these countries too.

HotForex with 350,000 live accounts

There are Millions of retail FX traders in the world, but where do they invest in?

HotForex, a Mega FX Broker in Europe has over 350,000 live accounts to take care of.

Being recognized as one of the largest FX Brokers, isn’t something easy in this very competitive market.

So what makes HotForex so attractive?

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