What is the benefit of “Micro Accounts”? How investors use the account type for better tradings?

November 8, 2017

Magic behind "Micro Accounts".

What is the benefit of “Micro Accounts”? How investors use the account type for better tradings?

Why should investors and Money Managers care what “Micro Accounts” are?

Because they allow small investors to have similar opportunities as the larger ones!

Is it really necessary to have 50k+ USD to invest in a Great Strategy?

In Forex industry you can find many trading strategies and signal providers that promise amazing profits for only 99 USD subscription price.

But unfortunately most of those strategies do not work well and they usually end up with bad results for the investor. Cheap strategies can simply not work on a long-term basis since they are usually not being monitored and adjusted by its developer.

On the other hand, there are very interesting solutions for advanced investors, that start from 50,000 USD minimum deposit and that include for example more than 5 profitable strategies mixed into one basket, which gives investor the opportunity for stable profits with limited risk.

But if you don’t have 50,000 USD on your account you are usually not able to use such a solution.

The reason is often strictly technical – because if you put 5 strategies into one 50,000 USD basket it means that every strategy then trades with 20% of the capital, which represents 10,000 USD.

And even if just single one of them trades with 0.01 lot positions per 10,000 USD, the technical minimum for the whole basket of 5 strategies is those 50,000 USD, so that it can work properly.

But is there any chance for smaller investments?

Recent Brokers solve that problem

By using latest technology and business model, recent online brokers are able to provide possibility to start investing with as low as 1 USD minimum deposit for a strategy or portfolio that is normally available from 50,000 USD in standard conditions.

And how is that possible?

Thanks to the wide range of investor base, now brokers can put orders from more customers together into one bigger order and then pass it to the market.

And all that is done within milliseconds on trading servers. In the end, their liquidity providers get the minimum order size they are able to execute (usually it is 1,000 units) and they internally distribute such trade among customers in micro lots (or nano lots).

Online Brokers are always giving investors a unique solution

This solution is something you will not find anywhere else because a single strategy provider or money manager is not able to do this without advanced technical background they have and without close cooperation with brokerage.

Thanks to this modern technology environment they are able to destroy boundaries and limits that the smaller investors usually suffer from.

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