What is Social Trading? How it can really lead to Profitable Investment?

November 9, 2017

Are you not committed to Social Trading? Do you really know the benefit of sharing information?

What is Social Trading? How it can really lead to Profitable Investment?

Now that the market of online trading has obtained its growth rate, new players have emerged.

They propose a new model that pretends to reconcile two worlds which a priory seem far apart from each other: social media and trading.

Sharing Knowledge/Information for Free to Profit

At present, social trading has settled in France and has become an integral part of the financial landscape.

At the core of the concept: shared knowledge Born in 2007, social trading marks a turning point with regard to how traders determine their positions.

These considerations relate not only to analysis of the markets, rather how traders share their information as well.

Created from platforms mirroring the model of social media, social trading enables simulation of the positions of professional traders, and profiting from their market expertise.

All this knowledge is shared for the benefit of all parties involved.

Social Trading brings Many advantages for the traders

The advantages are numerous.

First of all, social trading enables the opening of the world of trading to beginners, attracted by the profit opportunities that the stock markets offer.

It is ideal for those who lack the knowledge required in order to work alone. With no previous knowledge of the stock market, all they need to do is copy the trading positions that the best traders opened with.

The performance of these professionals are published and updated in real time.

They just need to select the ones showing the highest profits.

By working according to the same principle as social media, stakeholders have the feeling that they are actually part of a community.

Sharing never stops. Members share their expertise, ask questions and answer all queries.

The potential profit is so lucrative that even confirmed traders adhere.

In order to attract the best, some platforms propose remuneration for those showing the higher number of followers.

A landscape where three players prevail

While there are several platforms that offer social trading in the world, three important players dominate the market.

What the three companies offer may appear similar in principle.

However, each one offers its customers specific items that need to be evaluated before selecting the platform.

Social & Copy Trading Platform Provider – ZuluTrade

Actually, ZuluTrade, the youngest of the three companies, is the most dynamic.

Its platform is especially complete and adapts to all traders, from beginners to expert professionals.

Among its strong points worth noting, the training programs enable beginners to start trading online and initiate financial analysis.

It is the most active in terms of number of traders, tools and market indicators proposed.

Another significant elements the customer service the company has implemented: people may be easily contacted, particularly by phone, an aspect far from being negligible, especially at the beginning.

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