What is Slippage & How to avoid it by using VPS?

October 10, 2017

Tip: How to Avoid Slippage.

What is Slippage & How to avoid it by using VPS?

This article is originally referred from Yadix News

Slippage is a common factor that reduces profitability and costs traders money, but did you know that Yadix provides you with an effective solution to help avoid slippage?

What is Slippage?

Slippage is when an order is filled at a price different than the price entered on your MT4.

What causes Slippage?

Slippage can be caused by latency between the trader’s MT4 and the trade server. Latency is the time taken for your MT4 to communicate with the server where your order is completed.

E.g. Trader is located in Singapore, and the latency between Singapore and our London servers is 150 ms, during the 150 ms taken to send your trades to our server the price in the market can change causing slippage.

What’s the solution to avoid slippage?

Yadix can provide you with a free VPS, a computer located at a private server in London; close to our Equinix LD4 server this reduces your ping to the server to an average of just 2ms.

E.g. Trader is located in Singapore, but uses a Yadix VPS. The latency is just 2 ms, reducing the time taken to execute trades by a massive 148 ms, and therefore greatly reducing the chances of latency slippage.

Get a free VPS

Benefit from a reduction to qualify for a Free VPS during October, with just a 1000 USD deposit to your Yadix trading account.

Once your account is funded, you may send an email to Yadix support and include in the subject line FREE VPS to claim your slippage beating server.

Original Source: Yadix News

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