What is ECN & its Advantages for FX traders?

April 5, 2017

"ECN on MT4" explained.


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What is ECN & its Advantages for FX traders?

ECN is an important technology to understand when you become a Forex Trader.

But do you know what it is first of all?

ECN is the acronym for the Electronic Communication Network. This is the technology that helps provide liquidity for traders, making ECN trading perfect for traders who want their fill to always be instant and at-the-market. Dealing via an ECN forex account gives you access to tight variable spreads irrespective of market volatility.

NSFX strives to offer ECN trading environment for both MetaTrader4 and JForex trading platforms.

Now, there are mainly 6 advantages provided for using NSFX’s trading platforms.

1. Instant order execution

All your orders will be executed instantly, with “market execution” model.

Your orders won’t be rejected or re-quoted at anytime.

2. Price aggregation from multiple liquidity suppliers

ECN can connect many financial markets provided by number of liquidity providers.

This makes the market of NSFX even more deep and constant.

3. Best Bid/Ask

As there are many price quotes coming to NSFX’s platforms with the ECN technology, traders are provided with the best Ask and Bid price always.

The spread can even go tight to 0.0 pip, with this ECN technology.

4. Variable spreads

Variable spreads are always tighter than the fixed ones.

The spread you will be seeing with NSFX, are the tightest spread available in the market.

5. Direct trading access to Tier 1 banks

ECN technology ensures that NSFX never interrupts or manipulate the market or clients’ orders.

All your orders will be sent to the market directly without any interruptions.

6. No Restrictions

NSFX allows all kinds of trading methods and activities on the platforms.

With ECN pricing, there is no conflict of interest between NSFX and its traders.

Are you now interested in finding out more about NSFX’s ECN technology?

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