Webinar: Learn about the Forex Market and the Trading Basics

December 4, 2017

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Introduction to Forex and how to understand Fundamental Analysis.

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Webinar: Learn about the Forex Market and the Trading Basics

Welcome to the world’s biggest market.

With this exclusive webinar you will take your first steps into learning about this exciting market place and the trading basics which is a must know for everyone.

With easyMarkets’s very own James Trescothick, who will guide you through this webinar you will also get a brief introduction into understanding fundamental analysis.

December 5th
Starting from 5pm GMT

Subject that will be covered, includes the following:

  1. What is forex?
  2. What is a pip?
  3. What is leverage?
  4. Forex Jargon?
  5. Why understanding fundamentals is important
  6. And how to open a trade with the easymarkets trading platform

Meet James

easyMarkets’s Senior Global Strategist, James has more than 20 years of experience in trading and the markets.

He also represents easyMarkets in the media and produces / presents educational videos. An educational expert is exactly what you need for your own education.

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