We learned that FBS is “The Largest FX Broker in Asia” with over 3 million registrations!

April 12, 2017

Wonder which FX Brokers has the largest share in Asia?

We learned that FBS is “The Largest FX Broker in Asia” with over 3 million registrations!

It’s been recognized that FBS has very large share in Asia.

Especially in Thailand, Malaysia, China, Myanmar and the broker is expanding its market to Japan too.

It’s been only 8 years since FBS has started offering its service though, the speed of its growth is surprising.

One amazing fact about FBS’s growth is that there has been “No Troubles with Traders” before. FBS expands the market Fast but still Stably, and now continues to offer competitive investment solutions for investors.

But What makes FBS so successful?

We have learned 3 points about FBS that help them succeed in Asia.

1. No Conflict of Interest

FBS strives to offer NDD trading environment where the broker never interrupts the trading activities of its clients.

Thus, the broker allows all kinds of trading methods/activities and Happy to process “Profit Withdrawals” without any hesitations.

FBS supports traders to profit more, and that is one very important aspect for traders.

2. Quality Risk Management

FBS offers the highest leverage in the world 1:3000 though, still the broker never had a trouble with this “High Risk”.

FBS even supports NBP “Negative Balance Protection”. With this condition, FBS’s traders never lose more than they deposit.

3. Gorgeous Promotions

FBS has more than 10 Bonuses to offer continuously.

Not just the promotions for tradings, but FBS is also happy to give away many gifts such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, iPhones and more for its traders.

These Gifts aren’t just some fake promotional things, but you can see the winners of these gifts as FBS publishes all the details of winners of each promotion.

FBS has got many more advantages and merits to offer! Find out more in their Official Website!

FBS Official Website

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up to $1000 for Free

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