Volatility Alert: Fed Interest Rate Decision on July 26th at 18:00

July 26, 2017

Will FED raise interest rate again this year?

Volatility Alert: Fed Interest Rate Decision on July 26th at 18:00

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Fed Interest Rate Decision – Jul 26, 18:00

A recent survey of 44 high level market participants returned unanimously the assumption that the Fed won’t hike interest rates at its meeting this week.

The Trump administration which was meant to take some of the burden off the Fed with new tax policies and regulatory reform and to allow the Fed to renormalize policy faster have failed.

Attempts to reform Health Care have been unsuccessful and tax reform is at risk and because of this, the Fed is expected to push back their next rate hike to December from September.

As we head towards the Fed’s decision on Interest rates, there’s growing concern that the stock market could be set up for a fall as asset markets are very highly priced, investors are complacent and the pre-conditions for a significant correction in markets are falling into place.

As always, the interest rate decision will cause high volatility in the market and the outcome will be a major market driver with trading opportunities.

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Original Source: Yadix News

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