“Vanilla Options × easyMarkets Platform” gets integrated and available together now

August 21, 2017

Exciting Changes on the easyMarkets Trading Platform.

“Vanilla Options × easyMarkets Platform” gets integrated and available together now

easyMarkets is happy to announce 2 big improvements on their service today!

1. Integration of Vanilla options platform with the easyMarkets platform

Now the Vanilla Options Platform is integrated to easyMarkets platform, and this improves the user experience much better.

By choosing to “see more” on the platform, you view your trade’s market rates and all the Greeks which makes trading that much more transparent. Only the easyMarkets platform offers such details on a vanilla options trade.

For the time being you can still view the ORE vanilla options platform in a separate window as you used to, but you can also simply choose the “vanilla options” deal tab and start trading within your easyMarkets platform.

2. 1-hour options is available

Vanilla options is a type of trading deal, like a day trade or a pending order which easyMarkets traders can choose to use on more than 40 assets.

The longest expiry period available is six months, and now you can also trade 1-hour options which is the shortest timeframe for a deal.

For the time being, you can only buy a 1-hour option at a predefined strike price with the expiry time of 1 hour. Of course, you can set your own amount to trade.

A lot more exciting changes are planned for the near future on the easyMarkets platform.

“Our aim is to make trading as simple as possible for our clients and this is what we have once again achieved; offering an easier way to trade vanilla options” Director of Risk Management, Evdokia Pitsillidou said about the platform.

For more information about easyMarkets Trading Platform, please contact the support team directly.

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