“US Traders Accepted” High Leveraged STP Forex & CFD Broker LQDFX

October 13, 2016

LQDFX, STP Online Forex Broker with 1:500 Leverage.

“US Traders Accepted” High Leveraged STP Forex & CFD Broker LQDFX

Since 2010, US Retail Forex Markets are majorly restricted with Dodd–Frank laws. Low Leverage, Poor Bonus Promotions and Doubtful Market Making activities.

Are you looking for an honest Forex broker with better trading conditions outside of US?

LQDFX, an Online Forex & CFD Broker is based in Marshal Islands, and the broker is open to accept US residents as clients.

LQDFX with STP trading conditions

LQDFX offers over 100 financial instruments through MetaTrader4 and xStation trading platforms.

The broker’s main trading conditions are as follows:

Maximum Leverage up to 1:500

No Restrictions on its Trading Platform

The minimum Trading Cost is 0.1 pip with only 5 USD commissions per 1 lot(100,000 units)

Stop Out at 10%

The trading conditions varies on each trading account. You can find more details from the page below.


LQDFX with STP trading environment

LQDFX strives to provide 100% STP trading environment.

STP stands for Straight Through Processing, that is where all your orders are directly sent to the Forex markets without any interferences.

It is the most fair trading environment as the broker does not act as a Market Maker and there is no trading restrictions at all.

LQDFX does not offer much bonus promotions, but the true benefit of the broker is the “STP trading environment”.

Are you interested in their Forex service? Find out more on their official website.

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