US Oil contracts expires tomorrow on HotForex MetaTrader4

January 18, 2017

Energy CFD Contract Expiration Notification.

US Oil contracts expires tomorrow on HotForex MetaTrader4

Please be aware of upcoming contract expiration date tomorrow.

On HotForex MT4, all open position on US Oil contracts will be expiring on Thursday (January 19th 2017) at 21:45 GMT.

At the same time, all existing open positions and pending positions will be executed/cancelled all together.

On HotForex MT4, no positions will be carried over to the next contract through any “contract expiration”.

In case you are trading the symbol on HotForex MT4, then all profit and loss will be realized at that moment.

You can continue trading US Oil after the contract expiration, but please note that there maybe price gaps between the closing price of existing contract and the opening price of next contract.

HotForex will continue informing all clients of all upcoming expiring contracts. You can also stay updated of the information with Hercules Finance.

For inquiries regarding to the contract expiration, please contact HotForex 24/5 support desk.

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