US Memorial Day and UK Spring Bank Holiday Schedule by FxNet

May 27, 2016

US Memorial Day and UK Spring Bank Holiday Schedule.

Please be aware of the change in market hours due to the upcoming US Memorial Day and UK Spring Bank Holidays on the 30th  of May. Please note that on those dates trading hours will be affected for instruments in the following categories:

  • Forex
  • CFDs on Shares
  • Metals
  • US Indices
  • Commodities
  • Bonds

Please find the full schedules below.

Monday 30th Tuesday 31st
FX Normal Trading Normal Trading
Metals Early Close 20:00 Normal Trading
Energies Early Close 19:45 Normal Trading
Cash Indices VIXX, DXY, UK100 – Closed Normal Trading
Dow30, SPX500, NAS100, NIKKE1225 – Early Close 20:00 Normal Trading
Commodities CORN, Cocoa, Cotton, Copper, Sugar, Soybean, USCoee, WHEAT – Closed Normal Trading
Aluminium, Zinc, ORANGE, Rice – Closed Normal Trading
US Shares Closed Normal Trading
UK Shares Closed Normal Trading
Bonds US10YNote, US30YBond – Closed Normal Trading

*All times are Cyprus Time (GMT +3)

*Closing may occur earlier due to Low Market Liquidity

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