US Labor day holiday will Change Market Hours

September 3, 2016

FXNet to announce the trading schedules of US Labour Day, on September 5th.

US Labor day holiday will Change Market Hours

Please note that September 5th is the annual US Labor Day holiday which will shake up market hours, and there will be also changes to trading hours on the day.

US Labour Day is celebrated across the United States of America every first Monday of September to honor the American labor movement and the individuals who contributed in the advancement of the country.

In the aspect of Financial Markets, there will be changes to trading schedules, and also high volatility is expected during the Holiday.

Please find the full trading hours of US Labour Day, in the below table.

Financial Instruments September 5th, Monday September 6th, Tuesday
FX Normal Trading Normal Trading
Metals Early Close – 19:55 Normal Opening
Energies Early Close – 19:30 Normal Opening
Cash Indices Early Close: NIKKEI225, SPX500, NAS100, DOW30, DXY –19:55 Normal Opening
VIXX – Closed Normal Opening
Commodities Closed Normal Opening
UK Shares Closed Normal Opening
Bonds Early Close: US 10YNote, US 30YBond – 19:55 Normal Opening

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