US Election Notification: Leverage returns to normal & Expected upcoming volatility

November 10, 2016

Important US Election Update: Return to Trading as Usual.

US Election Notification: Leverage returns to normal & Expected upcoming volatility

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We’re pleased to inform you that the temporary restrictions applied to all MYFX Markets trading accounts during the period of the US Election result announcement have been lifted.

As of today, 10th of November 2016, all trading conditions – including margin and leverage requirements – will return to our standard pre-election terms.

What is changing?

All trading conditions will return to normal – please view our Product Schedule and your trading account for details.

We’d like to thank you for your patience and cooperation during a period that saw some significant shifts in the market, as well as express congratulations to our client base as a whole for implementing effective and sound risk management amidst volatile market conditions.

As expected, a prudent strategy from MYFX Markets’ Risk Management team ensured a secure and stable trading environment for all clients throughout this tumultuous period, and we’re pleased to have received such positive feedback from clients all over the globe.

Is there anything else I should know?

We expect market volatility to remain for a period. Remember, such volatility can provide traders with increased opportunity, but also increased risk.

We encourage you to take extra care to monitor your exposure and ensure you have sufficient funds in your account to cover margin requirements.

MYFX Markets offers Credit Card as instant and $0 fee methods to fund your trading account.

Our Risk Department will continue to carefully monitor market volatility and implement appropriate risk management measures as deemed necessary. As always, we will keep you informed if any changes are made.

Original Source: MyFXMarkets News

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