Unlimited Bonus!! “ePayments Referral Programm” is available now!

July 1, 2017

Bonus Programme "ePayments Referral".

Unlimited Bonus!! “ePayments Referral Programm” is available now!

Multiply your e-Wallet funds with ePayments bonus programme!

It is easy: you earn a bonus – 2 USD or 1.85 EUR (depending on the card currency) – each time an ePayments Prepaid Mastercard® card order is paid for.

In order for you to earn bonuses, an ePayments future client should:

  1. Register by following your referral link.
  2. Order an ePayments Prepaid Mastercard® card and pay for it.
  3. Activate the card.

Your bonuses increase every time someone registers, pays for the card and activates it!

Track detailed statistics of your bonus referral link by using UTM-labels:

“ePayments Referral” programme requirements

  • Bonuses are awarded only when the client activates the card.
  • Only first card orders are part of the programme.
  • In case the card is cancelled and the funds are returned, the bonuses for this order are lost.
  • Only “Personal” account holders can participate in the bonus programme.
  • Any spam is prohibited.
  • Registration fraud and manipulation are prohibited.
  • Order fraud with the use of deliberately false, non-existent or other people’s details without their knowledge when ordering the card is prohibited.
  • Publication of false information or information that might mislead the client is prohibited.
  • The use of Mastercard logo and trademark is prohibited (‘ePayments Card’ can be used).
  • It is prohibited to use in any type or form of advertisement the brand name “ePayments”;
  • We reserve the right to cancel your participation in the bonus programme for violating its rules. All your bonuses will be lost.
  • Programme rules and conditions might change without any further notification of its participants.

For more information, please contact ePayments support team.

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