UK’s EU Referendum Poll to have Extreme High Volatility

June 10, 2016

How UK's EU Referendum Poll is going to affect? Forex market may needs to be prepared for the biggest even this year.

UK’s EU Referendum Poll to have Extreme High Volatility

There will be United Kingdom’s EU Referendum Poll expected to be placed on 26th of June in 2,016.

It has been a topic of conversation all over the world, as it may have a hue impact on economical aspect also. This “Referendum poll” will decide either United kingdom will stay with European Union or not.

*Brexit is a made-up word, from “Great Britain to Exit from EU”.

As you may have already noticed, the directly related currencies are “GBP” and “EUR”.

Leverage restrictions to be annnounced by Land-FX

Land-FX, an online Forex & CFD brokerage company regulated in NZ and UK, is soon going to announce regarding to the leverage restrictions  in order to prepare for the high volatility expected.

The more specific details will be publilshded next week, and the changed trading conditions might continue to be applied after the Referendum Poll in UK.

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