UK’s Brexit Referendum Poll to restrict leverage in MT4

June 13, 2016

As you may have already known, due to the UK’s “Brexit”referendum poll on 23th of June, there is an extreme high volatility expected during the period.

And just like many other brokers preparing(reducing risk exposures) and take necessarily actions to manage risks, Axiory is also going to increase margin requirement on some certain currency pairs.

If you are trading with Axiory, you are recommended to manage your positions and margin levels accordingly.

Affected currency pairs:

All EUR, GBP, CHF, CZK, PLN, HUF, DKK currency pairs, and all CFD instruments.

Leverage will be reduced to:

5 times less than the current leverage setting in your trading account.

e.g. if the account leverage is set to 1:400 then the changed leverage during the period is 1:80.

The leverage restriction period:

From 20 to 24th of June 2,016

The period of the restrictions can be prolonged by monitoring the market volatility on later days.

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