UK Referendum Leverage Restrictions to continue after the poll

June 25, 2016


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UK Referendum Leverage Restrictions to continue after the poll

Axiory has announced that the broker will continue to restrict the maximum leverage in MT4 .

Previously, the broker has announced to restrict leverage on some certain currency pairs and all CFD instruments from 20th to 24th of June, but this Brexit measure will continue to be applied until 27th of June.

After the UK Brexit Referendum Vote on 23th, many brokers are monitoring the financial market’s volatility, and several brokers has decided to continue reducing risk exposures.

Axiory will re-announce again on 27th of June, regarding to this leverage restrictions.

Affected financial instruments

Please note that the leverage restrictions are applied to some specific currency pairs below and all CFD instruments.


The leverage will be reduced to 5 times less than the leverage you have set in your trading account.

e.g. in case your leverage setting is 1:200, then the applicable leverage on above financial instruments would be 1:40.

Please continue to monitor your open positions and trades, and take care of the risk exposures by yourself.

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