“U.S Independence Day” Stock & Metals changed Trading Schedule

June 29, 2016

“U.S Independence Day” Stock & Metals changed Trading Schedule

4th of July is the Independence Day in U.S, and it is going to affect market hours of some financial instruments.

Affected instruments and the changed market hours can be found below. The changed schedule will be applied on the day of U.S Independence Day on 4th of July in 2016, and the market hours will be back to normal from the following days.


4th of July in 2016 Opening Closing
Forex Currency Pairs Normal Hours Normal Hours
Precious Metals Normal Hours Closing at 20:00
Energies Normal Hours Closing at 19:45
Cash Index CFDs
Closed Closed
Cash Index CFDs
(DOW30/ NAS100/ NIKKEI225 & SPX500)
Normal Hours Closing at 20:00
Commodity CFDs
(Aluminium/ Cocoa/ Copper/ Corn/ Cotton/ Orange/ Rice/ Soybean/ Sugar/ USCoffee/ Wheat & Zinc)
Closed Closed
US Stocks Closed Closed
(US10YNote & US30YBond)
Closed Closed

Please note that the market can be closed earlier than the above specified time due to low liquidity situation. And in case FXNet deems that it is difficult to continue to provide normal trading conditions, then the broker will set “Close Only” to some specific financial instruments, or close existing open positions automatically.

Is you have any questions regarding to the changed trading schedules, please contact FxNet official support team directly.

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