Twitter Stock CFD is available on MT4 now

June 27, 2016

Twitter Stock CFD is available on MT4 now

IFC Markets has announced that the broker has added new CFD product to its list of Stock CFDs. Now the stock, #S-TWTR of Twitter Inc. is available for trading through MetaTrader4 in a form of CFD.

For trading the stock above, you are required to have 2.5% of the whole margin, meaning that you will have 1:40 of leverage at maximum.

The unit of 1 lot in this case is 100 stocks, if you are not sure about the calculation, you can also open a demo account and see how trading works.

The symbols is available through MT4 and NetTradeX.

50 USD for Free

Free 123 USD

30 USD for Free

25 USD for Free

300 USD for Free

100 USD for Free

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