TTCM Investment: let the professional manage your Forex trading

April 1, 2016

The PAMM service offered by an Investment Corporate.
Let the stable and reliable money manager to trade for you.

TTCM Investment: let the professional manage your Forex trading

“TTCM Investment” is running PAMM “Cubo” series for anyone interested in the trading.

PAMM stands for “Percentage Allocation Money Management”, it simply means that “Someone (Money Manager) will manage your funds and make profits for you in your account”.

The “Cubo” is the name of the PAMM service offered by “TTCM Investment”.

The PAMM service offered by “TTCM Investment” is conservative strategy and tends to earn small profits with small risks.

Annually, it has been generating profits of 20% average.

Are you

interested in investing your savings into something less risky?
tired of looking for good EAs?
having hard time understanding how to trade?
afraid of losing money by trading?

Well, this “Cubo” may be the best solution for you.

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Why choose PAMM service “Cubo”?

Actually the “Cubo” series itself registered in Myfxbook and making profits for traders right now.

It is of course generating some profits with small risks though, let us just list up the 4 merits of “Why you should choose Cubo”.

1. Draw-down is around 15%
“Cubo” is all about the balance. It makes medium profits and small losses.
2. Maximum profit is 45%
“Cubo” is looking to earn 45% annually. The number is not even exaggerated.
3. Managed by corporate
“Cubo” is not managed by some individual traders, but it’s a professional investment corporate.
4. No mentally stress
All you need to do is to decide whether you want to use the service or not.
And “Cubo” will start making money for you automatically.

3 strategies in “Cubo” series

These are the 3 different strategies offered in “Cubo” series

Cubo Dynamic

This Dynamic strategy is aiming to earn strong return on the investment.

The wide drawdown allows for an aggressive trading style aiming at generating maximum profits during volatile periods.

The strategy is for the investors who are fine with some risk exposures but looking to earn bigger return in medium/short period.

Cubo Standard

This strategy is aiming to generate the substantial return on investment with moderate risk.

The strategy combines day trading signals as well as longer held positions following main currency trends and normally trade during the Australia and Asia session.

The strategy is for the investors who are looking to earn medium return with medium risks.

Cubo Conservative

This conservative strategy is prioritizing your funds to stay as it is while aiming for investment return from trading signals.

The strategy to limit the drawdown at 15% by trading low leverage, while still profiting from market volatility to generate potential profits.

The strategy is for the investors who does not want to risk your funds to the maximum, but still earn some profits.

Cubo 3 series comparison

Cubo Conservative Cubo Standard Cubo Dynamic
Maximum Drowdown 15% 25% 35%
Commissions 30% of profit 30% of profit 30% of profit
Annual Performance 15% 30% 45%
Required Depsoit Amount 50,000 USD or EUR 10,000 USD or EUR 5,000 USD or EUR
Account Currency EUR, USD EUR, USD EUR, USD
Profit/loss result Go to Myfxbook Go to Myfxbook Go to Myfxbook

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