“Trailing Stop” is available even when the platform is closed with cTrader now

May 3, 2016

“Trailing Stop” is available even when the platform is closed with cTrader now

Spotware, the developer of the popular trading platform called “cTrader” has announced the newest update on its platform.

The main update is about the “Trailing Stop Loss” tool in the platform.

Now traders can setup a “Trailing Stop Loss” and make it work even when you have the platform closed.

Not like the existing MT4, which needs to be opened and logged in at all times in order to use the “Trailing Stop Loss”, cTrader has become more useful than that.

What is “Trailing Stop Loss”?

“Trailing Stop Loss” is a tool that the platform automatically moves the stop loss line for a position in order to earn the maximum profit with minimum loss.

You can set it up for open positions, and it will follow the trend and the stop loss line will move closer to the current price automatically.

It is a useful tool for a trade who doesn’t want to constantly look the trading platforms but want to take profit with minimum draw-down.

Other cTrader updates

cTrader has updated more of its functions this time, including followings:

  • Simplification of every pip movement
  • New chart views and color settings
  • Visuality option of the price axis overlay buttons for “Chartshot” and “Detach Chart” and the “Market Sentiment” bar
  • Color settings of the “Bid” and “Ask” lines and the position and order lines

cTrader is looking to become more popular trading platform than MetaTraders.

Why you should trade with cTrader?

There is one great reason to trade through cTrader, which is that the platform only allows ECN environment.

ECN stands for Electronic Communication Network, and it is also referred as STP environment where no dealing desk is involved.

By using the cTrader for your tradings, you can make sure that no one is interfering or manipulating the prices or orders.

On the other hand, MT4 is a great tool for Marker Maker(or so called SCAM brokers) as it is more broker friendly system.

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