Traders’ Reviews on HotForex’s Service & Comparison to other FX brokers

March 18, 2017

Is HotForex a nice broker? Let's review and compare their trading conditions.

Traders’ Reviews on HotForex’s Service & Comparison to other FX brokers

HotForex, the broker selected by “World Finance 100”, has acquired over 300,000 live trading accounts in 8 years.
Such a professional service has been recognized by world’s traders though, how is it if compared to other FX brokers’?
Let’s review the service of HotForex here!

①Trading Platforms/Tools

  • HotForex offers only MetaTrader4 trading platform.

Although the MT4 is the most popular trading platform, there is no choice of other trading platforms with HotForex.

  • Educational Materials & Market Analysis are available for Free.

HotForex makes sure that traders are provided with necessarily tools to follow the market.

  • No Automated Trading Systems are available.

If you wish to benefit from copying professionals’ trades to your account, you may need to use the service of MQL5 Community of MT4.

②Trading Cost

  • HotForex offers average spread 0.1 pips with only $0.6/lot commissions.

In terms of Trading Cost, HotForex is the best among hundreds of FX brokers.

  • “The lowest Trading Cost” requires you to deposit over $20,000 as minimum requirement.

There may be not so many traders who can benefit from this “Lowest Trading Cost” condition.

  • No Fees/Charges for processing Deposit and Withdrawal Requests.

You don’t get extra charged for managing your funds.


  • HotForex offers the maximum leverage of 1:1000.

HotForex’s leverage is twice more than the average leverage offered by standard FX brokers. There are only several FX brokers with this High Leverage.

  • NBP(Negative Balance Protection) is fully supported.

Although the leverage is quite high, HotForex makes sure that traders are protected from exceeded loss.

④Execution Quality

  • HotForex strives to offer MT4 platform with STP(Straight Through Processing) execution.

HotForex allows all kinds of trading activities/methods on the MetaTrader4 platform.

  • HotForex MT4 is offered with Stable Spreads and Fast Execution.

There are positive reviews on HotForex’s execution quality from many traders.

⑤Bonus Promotions

  • HotForex runs all kinds of FX Bonus Promotions.

Including Deposit Bonus, Cash Back and Trading Contest. By receiving them, you can save great trading costs eventually.

  • No Deposit Bonus is not offered.

The popular FX Bonus isn’t offered by HotForex yet. HotForex focuses on acquiring traders who are interested in real trading.

⑥Customer Support

  • HotForex makes sure all inquiries are responded with answers. No delays or ignoring to customers contacts.

It is great when a FX broker responds to your questions with answers, as there are many which are not like this.

⑦Fund Withdrawals

  • No troubles of fund withdrawals for over 7 years.

HotForex protects traders and follows the rules of regulatory authorities and compliance.

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