Trader Interview – A strategy with an average return of 107.0%, with no year in loss.

November 12, 2017

The traders who have developed numerous risk management models, achieved to earn great profits in years.

Trader Interview – A strategy with an average return of 107.0%, with no year in loss.

Mohamad G. is an institutional trader with more than 10 years of experience.

He began trading in 2003 and has since developed numerous risk management models such as Market, Operational, Stress Testing and Automated Risk models.

His passion for trading started with reading many books based on the subject and meeting real professionals in the field that would teach and inspire him to pursue trading as a career.

Mohamad states:

“I have read almost all the books from these authors: William J. O’Neil , George Soros, Nassim Nicholas Thaleb, Edward Ponsi, Jesse Livermore. In addition, I’ve attended live training sessions and courses with some veteran bank traders and champion traders with more than 25 years of experience.”

As the main trader behind ProTrendFX, his team’s strategy utilizes three different models for trade optimization and execution:

“Our strategy is a combination of sophisticated Automated Risk Management Model (which represents 50% of the strategy), an Automated Trade Management Model (25%), and a High Probability Mechanical Trading System (25%). Moreover, along with our Automated Market Risk Management, we manage operational risks with our “two-boss” organizational management structure. This represents a practical solution to our disciplined, team-based trading.”

Average annual gain: 107.64 %
Strategy trading length: 6 years
Minimum investment: 5.000 USD

ProTrendFX recorded its best year in 2009 when it gained 338.3%, and overall since 2007, it has consistently grown each year with an average return of 107.0%, with no year in loss.

The lowest yearly profit recorded was in 2012 with 34.8%.

When asked:

“what is the key to your strategy’s stable growth and

Mohamad replies:

“We use swing trades that target around 100 – 200 pips each , scaling out in adverse market conditions and pyramiding in more favorable ones. This strategy uses a combination of 2 simple patterns drawn on a daily chart; it is characterized by a High Sharp Ratio of 1.64, Alpha 8.4%, Beta -0.92% and it has a High Reward/Risk ratio of 3.”

Mohamad has a positive attitude toward sharing his knowledge and experience with the next generation of traders.

As an author of several studies and ongoing research on Binomial Probability Distribution, Stress Testing, Operational and Market Risk Management and the Psychology and Philosophy of trading- he covers the most important topics which concern the everyday work of market traders, from beginner to expert.

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