Tradeo to acquire CySEC license as a Social Trading and Brokerage Company

August 22, 2016

Tradeo is finally a regulated broker in Cyprus.


Please note that the information of Tradeo on the website maybe outdated.

Tradeo to acquire CySEC license as a Social Trading and Brokerage Company

UR Fix Trade Ltd, the company which operates the Social Trading Website “Tradeo”, has announced that it has acquired Official Financial License, CySEC today.

The license comes from Cyprus, as it is where the company is based in.

After 4 years of Financial Services, the company has finally acquired a financial license and now they are able to offer financial services.

“Tradeo” regulated by CySEC

But how they were providing financial services before without a license?

Tradeo itself is powered by FXGlobe, and before the CySEC license, the platform received authorization to use the Licensed Broker FX Globe, which allowed it to benefit from its control, while under the same rules and obligations.

And using the FXGlobe’s license wasn’t causing problems.

But Tradeo has decided to improve its service in terms of Development, Support, Back-Office Technology and Trading Support.

Now that “Tradeo” is a regulated Online Forex Broker, the company provides:

  • Account Verification within 48 hours
  • Withdrawal processes within 24 hours

There are certain quality to pass for Tradeo, in order to meet the requirements by CySEC.

Tradeo, as an innovative Social Copy Trading and Brokerage Company, is going to expand the market to all over the world from Cyprus.

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