Trade360 Official Cash Back Bonus Promotion -Fully Withdrawable-

Keep reaching the targets specified by Trade360, and receive Cash Back directly!

Trade360 Official Cash Back Bonus Promotion -Fully Withdrawable-

Promotion Details

DatesEvery Day
Available toBoth New & Existing Clients
OfferCash Back Bonus up to 5,000 USD
WithdrawalAvailable at Anytime

Trade360 is giving away “Cash Back Bonuses” through its “Crowd Trading Platform”.

The “Goal” to receive each cash back will appear on the platform directly. You just need to follow the rules and meet each requirements to receive “Cash Back”.

There are mainly 4 types of “Requirements” that will be specified by Trade360.

Receive “Cash Back” after…

  1. Trading specified volume
  2. Trading different symbols
  3. Trading every day
  4. Increasing the number of positions

Cash Back won’t stop until you receive 5,000 USD!

How to receive “Cash Back” from Trade360

1. Sign up with Trade360 & Open a Live Account

All account types are eligible for receiving the “Cash Back Bonus”.

2. Make a deposit

Trade360 accepts many payment methods including Bank Wire Transfer, Card Payment, many Online Payments and etc…

*The required minimum deposit amount is different by account types.

3. Trade and Meet the “Conditions” of Cash Back

The requirements of each “Cash Back” will be specified on the platform directly.

Meet Criteria of each goal!

*There may be “expiration time” set for each cash back.

4. Claim “Cash Back” by clicking on “Get” button

As soon as you meet the certain requirement of a “Cash Back”, there will be “Get” button available.

Click on it, and receive the “Cash Back” immediately!

☆Point – Once the “Cash Back” amount is credited into your account, it is immediately available for withdrawal.

Withdrawal Conditions

You can withdraw your funds, profits and Cash Back amount at anytime through the promotion.

This promotion won’t add any extra requirements on any withdrawals.

Full Terms & Conditions

Please make sure that you know the rules of this promotion before joining.

  • The conditions to receive cash backs may vary time to time.
  • The promotion is available per client, IP address or Household.
  • You may be provided with certain “expiration time” for each cash back target.
  • In case you couldn’t meet the requirement to receive Cash Back, Trade360 may give you extra time to meet the requirement, or give you another target with different Cash Back amount.
  • The maximum bonus amount available is limited to the 30% of total deposit amount, or 5,000 USD.

For more information nor inquiry, please contact Trade360’s customer support desk.

123 USD for Free

50 USD for Free

$30 for Free

3500 USD for Free

88,8 USD for Free

up to $1000 for Free

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