Trade FX & Stocks online Anywhere and Anytime! -Mobile Trading Platform-

January 9, 2017

There is no time to rest! Start trading Forex and CFD now!


We no longer promote XFR Financial Limited. The information on the website related to this brokerage firm may be outdated.

Trade FX & Stocks online Anywhere and Anytime! -Mobile Trading Platform-

Want to spice up your daily way to work?
Instead of reading the news on your mobile, use them to trade!
Trading online can be very exciting, open your account today!

Did you know that you can trade online anywhere and anytime?

On your way to work, in a car or train and also even when you are out for a holiday. With XTrade, you can continue to invest in FX, Stocks, Commodities and also Equity Indices.

But how?

XTrade’s mobile trading platform is the answer for the question.

XTrader offers its own trading platform “XTrade Online Platform” to all investors for Free. Through the platform, you can access to over 700 different financial instruments including Forex, Stocks, Commodities and Equity Indices.

To start investing with XTrade, you just need to follow the below steps.

  1. Register with XTrade
  2. Deposit more than 100 USD
  3. Login to the platform through your mobile phone
  4. Start trading easily online

The platform only requires a bit of deposit and internet connection. Then you will have all the tools and the access to the financial markets anytime you want.

Start being productive and use the advantage of your free time!

For more information of XTrade, please visit the page here.

50 USD for Free

123 USD for Free

$30 for Free

3500 USD for Free

88,8 USD for Free

up to $1000 for Free

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