Tickmill $30 No Deposit Bonus -welcome bonus-

Experience one of the best trading environments in the industry risk-free with the $30 Welcome Account.

Tickmill $30 No Deposit Bonus -welcome bonus-

Promotion Details

Available toAll Tickmill Traders
Offer$30 for Free
How to getOpen an Account
WithdrawalAvailable for withdrawal(conditions apply)

Get $30 Welcome Bonus from Tickmill today! Why?

  1. Accessible – Available to all new clients
  2. Free – No need to deposit funds
  3. Risk-free – No risk of losing your money
  4. Profitable – Profits earned can be withdrawn

How to get the $30 Welcome Bonus

1. Go to the Official Website

See more of Tickmill

2. Go to the Promotion Page

Go to “Promotions” and “$30 Welcome Account”.

3. Signup

Signup for Free and $30 will be all yours!

Terms and Conditions

  1. The “Welcome Account” Campaign is held by Tickmill Ltd and Tmill UK Limited (Tickmill).
  2. The Welcome Account is for introductory purposes and only for new clients from non-restricted countries, who are interested in opening a live trading account with Tickmill.
  3. The Welcome Account is not available in North Korea, Iran, USA, Indonesia, Nigeria, Lesotho, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ghana, Egypt and Kenya.
  4. Existing Clients cannot apply for a Welcome Account.
  5. Each Client can open only one Welcome Account.
  6. The Welcome Account has identical trading conditions to the live Pro account type.
  7. The Client has the option to either raise or lower the leverage on the Welcome Account.
  8. The Welcome Account is available for trading for 90 days from the day of opening. Once 90 days have passed, trading will be disabled but the Welcome Account will still be accessible for an additional 30 days to claim the earned profit.
  9. The Welcome Account is available in the USD currency.
  10. The Welcome Account is created automatically after the Client completes the registration form on the web page and the application has been approved.
  11. Login details will be sent automatically to the email address provided in the registration form.
  12. A 30 USD initial complimentary deposit is added automatically to the Welcome Account.
  13. Tickmill reserves the right to reject a bonus request or block the Welcome Account, if there is a partial or complete match of IP address or other signs of Welcome Accounts belonging to the same person.
  14. The Initial deposit cannot be withdrawn or transferred from the Welcome Account.
  15. A minimum of 30 USD and a maximum of 100 USD of profit can be transferred from the Welcome Account to a live MT4 trading account (Classic, Pro or VIP account type).
  16. Each Client can make only one request to transfer profit from the Welcome Account to a live MT4 trading account.
  17. In order to make a transfer of profit from the Welcome Account to a live MT4 account, the Client must:
    • Register a Client Area account, using the same information provided during the Welcome Account registration (name, surname, email, date of birth, etc.);
    • Provide the necessary identification documents required to validate the Client Area account;
    • Open a live MT4 trading account inside the Client Area and deposit a minimum of $100 (or equivalent in other currencies);
    • After a deposit is made to a live MT4 account, the Client should contact Tickmill Support via e-mail and request a transfer of profit from the Welcome Account to the live MT4 account.
  18. Once the profit transfer is completed, the Welcome Account will be disabled and no further trading will be possible.
  19. The profit of the Welcome Account will be added to the balance of the live trading account and can be withdrawn immediately by using any of the available withdrawal options available in the Client Area.
  20. All profits earned and transferred from the Welcome Account Campaign are deemed to be null and void, if the Welcome Account or live MT4 account holder has provided incorrect, false or misleading information during the registration process.
  21. No deposits can be made to the Welcome Account.
  22. Tickmill reserves the right to disqualify any user, if there is a suspicion of misuse or abuse of fair rules.
  23. Hedging trading positions internally (using other trading accounts held with Tickmill) or externally (using other trading accounts held with other brokers) and thus avoiding market risk, is considered to be an abuse.
  24. Using the failures in the quote flow for getting guaranteed profit or any other form of fraudulent activities are considered to be an abuse.
  25. Tickmill reserves the right to change the terms of the Campaign or cancel it at any time.
  26. Any disputes or likely misunderstandings that may occur as a result of the Campaign terms will be resolved by the Tickmill Management in a way that presents the fairest solution to all parties involved. Once such a decision has been made, it shall be regarded as final and/or binding for all parties.
  27. Clients agree that information provided during the registration process may be used by the Company both within the context of the Welcome Account Campaign and for any other marketing purposes.
*Losses can exceed the initial deposit.

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