Thinking of Trade360? “Must-Read” Pros & Cons of the Service

October 10, 2016

Here are some reviews on Trade360 for traders looking for more information on the broker.

Thinking of Trade360? “Must-Read” Pros & Cons of the Service

We understand that there are hundreds of misleading information on the web, and you may be tired of seeing the same advertisement mentioning the same things.

Here are some tips for you to choose the most suited broker for yourself.


Trade360 offers “Crowd Trading Platform” where you can get majority’s trading opinion to increase the possibility of profiting.

Trade360 is regulated by Cyprus, and follows the directive of MiFID.

Several No Deposit Bonuses are available as all time bonus promotions.

Trade360 offers over 100 financial instruments including Forex, Commodities, CFDs(Stocks and Indices) and ETFs though one online trading account.


Trade360 does not offer MetaTrader4 or any other popular trading platforms.

Trade360 does not allow Scalping, Hedging, Use of any types of Programs or Holding positions long term on its trading platform.

Spread is fixed from 1.8 pips, but use of EAs(expert advisers) are prohibited.

Is Trade360 suited for you?

Trade360 is an unique type of online Forex broker with classic trading system and an innovative new “Crowd Trading” service.

Its main advantage is its own built trading platform with “Crowd Trading” system where you can vote and find out “what majority of traders are expecting”. By following the “Crowds” you should be able to increase your own profitability and that is how the platform works.

Also No Deposit Bonuses and exciting Cash Back Target Goals are very attractive.

But you should note that Trade360 does not allow a number of trading activities on its trading platform which are Scalping, Hedging, Use of any types of programs and holding positions for a long period(about 40 days).

Trade360’s trading platform is built for traders to earn more profits using the “Crowds”, but not for traders looking to earn by themselves on their own ways.


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