Thinking of IFC Markets? “Must-Read” Pros & Cons of the Service

September 16, 2016

You should read this before start trading with IFC Markets.

Thinking of IFC Markets? “Must-Read” Pros & Cons of the Service

We understand that there are hundreds of misleading information on the web, and you may be tired of seeing the same advertisement mentioning the same things.

Here are some tips for you to choose the most suited broker for yourself.


The Forex brand, IFC Markets is a part of “IFCM Group” which has been operating for over 10 years.

Along with MT4, IFC Markets offers NetTradeX, another advanced trading platform developed by the company.

IFC Markets offers more than 400 different CFD products, including Metals, Commodities, Stocks and Indices.

IFC Markets offers 7% annual interest return on your margin.

The required minimum deposit amount is only 1 USD.

100 of trading tools are provided, including News/Analytics and Educational Materials.


IFC Markets is regulated only by “BVI FSC” in British Virgin Islands (BVI).

The spread is fixed and starts from 1.8 pips, which is about $10 more than many other Forex brokers’.

As the broker acts as a DD broker, use of EAs(trading programs) or News Time tradings are prohibited.

Not much Bonus Promotions are run by IFC Markets often.

Is IFC Markets suited for you?

IFC Markets is a Forex broker for trading CFDs, as the broker offers one of the largest amount of CFD products in the world.

In the aspect of Forex trading with IFC Markets, it is not a recommended trading conditions. The minimum spread is fixed to 1.8 pips and News Time Trading is prohibited.

You might probably think of it as a preferable trading environment for EAs(Expert Advisers) though, IFC Markets does not allow trading activities using trading programs on the platforms.

Also no Bonus Promotions are provided often by IFC Markets, so you might find other broker much preferable in case you are looking to trade Forex.

But if you are looking to invest in Stocks, Indices, Commodities etc, IFC Markets may give you the opportunity to invest in these financial products with even lower costs, in a form of CFD.

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