Thinking of FXPro SuperTrader? “Must-Read” Pros & Cons of the Service

September 15, 2016

You should read this before start using the service of FXPro SuperTrader.


FXPro SuperTrader is no longer available.

Thinking of FXPro SuperTrader? “Must-Read” Pros & Cons of the Service

We understand that there are hundreds of misleading information on the web, and you may be tired of seeing the same advertisement mentioning the same things.

Here are some tips for you to choose the most suited broker for yourself.


MyFXBook and SignalTraders are both powered by FXPro and the infrastructure of this SuperTrader is provided by FXPro.

FXPro has two major licensed which are FCA in UK and CySEC in Cyprus, for over 10 years.

There are no novice traders registered as signal providers, as they need to pass FxPro’s extremely thorough due diligence.


Required minimum deposit amount is 2,000 USD, which is a bit high hurdle comparing to other Social & Copy Trading Systems.

The maximum multiplier(another kind of leverage) is up to only 1:4.

Performance fee is 5% out of profits made on your copying account.

Is the service of FXPro SuperTrader suited for you?

FXPro prefers to keep its high quality for every service that they offer.

The main advantages of the service are:

  • The signal providers are selected by FXPro with through due diligence
  • FXPro, as a Mega-Broker, earned the trust of traders of the world with 10 years of services

Drawbacks of the service are:

  • High hurdle of required deposit amount
  • 5% of commission rate

As there are several Social & Copy Trading systems which you can use without paying performance fees, some traders might find it a bit costly.

Think of them as the costs for using the well organized and sophisticated FXPro’s platforms. You might get bigger returns by that.

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