Thinking of Fortrade? “Must-Read” Pros & Cons of the Service

November 1, 2016

You should read this before start trading with Fortrade.

Thinking of Fortrade? “Must-Read” Pros & Cons of the Service

We understand that there are hundreds of misleading information on the web, and you may be tired of seeing the same advertisement mentioning the same things.

Here are some tips for you to choose the most suited broker for yourself.


Fortrade is an UK FCA regulated and licensed company.

Fortrade strives to offer complete STP(Straight Through Processing) trading environment, where no conflict of interest and no restrictions on the trading platforms.

There is a number of Bonus Promotions available and almost all of these bonuses are available for withdrawals by trading reuqired lots.

You can trade over 100 different financial instruments including Forex, CFDs and ETF(Exchange Traded Funds).


Fortrade is founded in 2013. Relatively a new FX & CFD broker and there are not so many reviews reported about them.

The maximum leverage is 1:200, which is lower than the most of online Forex & CFD brokers in the world.

MT4 or other popular trading platforms are not available, but only Fortrade’s “Fortrader”.

The minimum trading costs(the spread) starts from 2 pips floating, which is about 1 pip wider than other standard STP brokers. (about $10 of more costs per $100,000 transactions)

Is Fortrade suited for you?

Fortrade’s main advantage is the STP(Straight Through Processing) trading environment where there is no restrictions on any trading methods on their trading platforms.

The trading costs is a bit hither than many other Forex & CFD brokers though, Fortrade offers variety of bonus promotions and these bonuses are available for withdrawals(conditions applied). You wouldn’t find true STP Forex brokers with this many number of bonus promotions.

Another advantage is that Fortrade offers ETFs(Exchange Traded Funds). So you can trade over 100 financial instruments including FX pairs, Commodities, Energies, Precious Metals, Stock CFDs, Index CFDs and ETFs through one account and one trading platform.

If you are satisfied with the leverage 1:200 and the more than 2 pips of trading costs, then Fortrade would be a fine choice for you.

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