Thinking of EightCap? “Must-Read” Pros & Cons of the Service

September 14, 2016

You should read this before start trading with EightCap.

Thinking of EightCap? “Must-Read” Pros & Cons of the Service

We understand that there are hundreds of misleading information on the web, and you may be tired of seeing the same advertisement mentioning the same things.

Here are some tips for you to choose the most suited broker for yourself.


EightCap is regulated by ASIC in Australia, known as one of the most strict Financial Authority in the world.

EightCap offers STP(Straight Through Processing) with no trading method restrictions on the platforms.

The minimum cost of trading is only $7 per 1 round turn lot, including all trading commissions, which is lower than many of STP brokers.

Only 100 USD is required to open the STP account with low commissions.


No NBP(Negative Balance Protection) applied to live accounts, so you could lose more than you invest.

EightCap does not offer any Bonus Promotions to traders.

The support is available only in English, Chinese and Korean.

Is EightCap suited for you?

EightCap is relatively a new broker in Australia.

Its main advantage is:

Simple and Fair and Low Cost Trading Environment

EightCap’s trading condition is quite normal and nothing tricky. There is no trading method restrictions or conflict of interests between traders and the broker. and the Cost is quite low considering that the broker’s service model is complete STP.

If you are not looking for some complicated Promotions or other extra services, but know how to trade to make profits, then EightCap should be one of the fine choices.

EightCap simply offers you the fair-est trading environment for traders who are serious about trading Forex.

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