The Trader Report – Overview of strategies from a different perspective

May 9, 2014

This first Trader Report gives you an overview of strategies from a different perspective. Each strategy chosen for this report has its own story and approach to trading, and each of the traders behind these MultiTrader strategies have given us an opportunity to look into their “laboratory”.

Included in this report are 4 different traders. First we have World Trading Champion Andrea Unger – the only person on the planet to win this award 3 times in a row. Next, Taiji strategy has been profitable for 4 years in a row with only small drawdown. If you want to know if there is any similarity between working in a museum and a trading job, you should read further.

The other two strategies – FXHawkTrade and ProTrendFX have their own distinct backgrounds. While the former focuses on having the right mindset, the ProTrendFX creator uses a combination of management modules to achieve results.

All of these traders’ strategies are available in the portal or will be listed there soon. For a real performance overview of MultiTrader you can look there.

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