The second largest commodity derivatives exchange CME accepts “Bitcoin”!

November 21, 2017

Volatility Alert: New Bitcoin Record! $8292.00 per Bitcoin!


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The second largest commodity derivatives exchange CME accepts “Bitcoin”!

Bitcoin established a new all-time high earlier today! The spike happened after the news that the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) is going to allow investors to trade Bitcoin Futures.

What does it mean?

In a few words, it means that Bitcoin now will be a legit currency in the financial world!

The CME is the second largest commodity derivatives exchange.

Investors being able to trade BTC futures in a physical exchange means that the reliability and accessibility of cryptocurrencies may be increasing, and can light the way to other cryptocurrencies as well.

What happened in BTCUSD?

BTCUSD reached $8292.00 per Bitcoin in the early hours of the day.

Although it dropped back to about $7,755 in couple of hours, it climbed back to the $8200 areas later on. In other words, Bitcoin moved roughly $1,000 in one day!

How will these news affect Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

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